Dungeon Dice: THE LOST KING and Boxed Game

Created by Potluck Games

Dungeon Dice returns with a new expansion, The Lost King and a box with room to hold all add-ons. Now there's more dice to love & roll!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New Lands and Update on Sam's Health
4 months ago – Wed, Jan 30, 2019 at 01:10:50 AM

Hey all you Dice Rollers,

Golden Bell here! We wanted to thank all the positive comments and messages we've been getting and Sam wants to send a big hello to everyone as well. A super big thank you to Donn for manning the comments section for us. His word seems to be law around these parts lately! 

We wanted to share with you a small update. While Sam was very hesitant to share anything as he doesn't feel its much, Donn had convinced us otherwise. He made a good point to show that we are still here and that Sam IS in fact still working as hard as he can. While it's a bit slower than I'm sure we all would like, we can't complain. All in all, Sam is still in rehab and is trying to get well as soon as he can. Without much else to report on the design front, here are the New Lands that are part of TLK Giant Dice! There will be text below each of the lands. We would love some backer feedback on what you think of each of them!

We would love to meet up with anyone at any upcoming shows and roll some dice with you guys. We may have another update coming in the next couple of months that may detail some ideas that Donn has thrown around. We are doing our best to try to get the logistical component of this set up and solidified before making any promises that we won't be able to keep. There is one thing I want to address though, as a business we need to be very mindful of comments. When we see threatening emails, and the phone calls we get threatening to harm either any of Golden Bell reps or Sam himself, we will not tolerate that kind of behavior. Your actions will be immediately reported to the authorities and to show management of all the gaming shows. Please know that this is a felony to make such threats. We want everyone to know that Sam is doing everything in his power to finish Dungeon Dice for his backers. We will step in when the time is right to produce and fulfill this amazing game for all you patient backers. We know at the end of the day the game will turn out great and that Sam will have a full recovery, God willing! We again are super sorry for the delay and hope that everyone hangs in with us for the ride. Please listen to Donn for any mini updates and Sam will do his best to make further updates. Again, please remember we don't normally make updates on specific projects that we don't run ourselves as it is usually the job of the creator to make these updates and finish the design. We are essentially the printer and fulfillment company in this case, however have stepped up to the plate a bit to help inform some of the backers. We apologize if any of our social media managers weren't your cup of tea but as one of the executives at Golden Bell, I will do my best to keep everyone informed but can't promise that we will be active on the comments section as we work with hundreds of creators. Nonetheless, Dungeon Dice is an important part of Golden Bell and we have every hope to see it grow and get this game into your hands and eventually into stores! :)

Thanks again everyone!

November Update
6 months ago – Fri, Nov 16, 2018 at 12:43:18 AM

This is Sam. Yes I’m alive! I know we've missed an October update. I’ve been trying to keep in touch with the team at Golden Bell but at times its been rough. We've recently received the sample of Epic Dice from the factory, and we're making some minor changes. For example, in the unboxing video, you'll see that the color on the Demon is a little off. Nothing major.  

Personally, I'm doing a form of rehab right now to try to get more functional. Doctors think it could take about a year to get me reasonably functional. But that doesn't mean I'll be doing nothing in that time. Dungeon Dice is my priority since my end of Epic Dice has been met. Golden Bell and I don't wish any harm to either campaign nor are we trying to hold back any information. It takes all I have to take care of my kids right now. I know we're losing some faith from long-time backers, and I regret that. I consider a lot of you friends. There have been problems, yes, but we’re all trying to work through them together. Just please know that this game will get delivered. While I can’t promise a date, nor can I promise what I thought would be monthly updates, I am sorry for that. I will ask Golden Bell to continue participating in the comments section but for now lets aim for quarterly updates. And if there isn’t much progress or headway being made on my end, just know that I’ll be doing everything I can.

Epic Dice: Tower Defense + Dungeon Dice Dual Update!
9 months ago – Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 02:48:13 AM

Calling all Dice Rollers! *A Formal Letter to all Backers*

How’s everyone been doing? We know it’s been quite a bit of time so we wanted to apologize for the delay on this latest update. In the interim we’ve gotten to meet with dozens of backers (possibly near a hundred at this point in the past couple months) at PAX East, Origins Game Fair, GenCon, and some other random shows we do throughout the country. (Our next one will be at Keystone in Philly, then of course New York Comic Con, and PAX Unplugged to round out the year!) The feedback we’ve gotten from everyone, whether it was through just chatting, play testing, or whatnot, has been instrumental in getting everything to where we it need to be.

Here’s a Table of Contents. We strongly encourage for everyone to read all the way through as there is bits and pieces about Dungeon Dice sprinkled throughout everything. The reason for this is because we wanted to clearly explain how everything is extremely connected at Golden Bell from the creative all the way to the business. We wanted to be completely and openly transparent with where everything is at this point.

Here's a Table of Contents. Feel free to skip around to the sections that you are interested in. 



I’m going to be addressing the big question I’ve gotten first, and then going down the list of what we need to discuss for each project. First and foremost, Communication. Since Sam has not been able to actively participate in the comment section any longer on a daily basis it has been hard to keep everyone “in the know”. The biggest thing I want to explain before I announce our new social media liaison for Potluck Games is about some clarifications I’ve addressed in person about our company. Golden Games, while a big part of Golden Bell, is not the only part of our business. Golden Games is our tabletop gaming division, that was started years after Golden Bell was founded. We have a book publishing division, stuffed animal company, video game development team, and an animation studio. We work with hundreds of creators on a daily basis and have over 300 active projects in development. As one of the three founders of Golden Bell Studios, and the C.E.O. of the Company, it is physically impossible for me to post on every project that we work on, I specifically work with some of our top talent (which has been pointed out by some backers which is entirely true). Currently working over 120 hours a week at GB I barely have time to even sleep, but I’m not saying this for any sort of sympathy at all. I’m explaining this so everyone understands the roles we play in some projects such as in Dungeon Dice. Our creators, Sam in this instance would traditionally be responsible for all communication with backers. In a similarly well known project, Unbroken, while we are the publishers of Unbroken and are handling a lot of art, writing, development, and all the business, it is the original game designer who is fully handling communication. With this many projects it isn’t possible for us to know what is going on in each comments section on a variety of platforms around the world.


The next thing that I believe is equally important to address is how most companies function that are running a real business and not doing something like Kickstarter as a side gig because it is a passion project for them. After speaking with our new Social Media Liaison for Potluck, he hadn’t thought it was the most important thing to discuss, but I want to be openly transparent with everyone on the way we operate here at Golden Bell. While Dungeon Dice is something we consider a great success, in an overall company standpoint it is just one part of our business. It would be physically impossible for us to continue operating a Media Conglomerate on the back of success of one product no matter how much we love it. Many people compare our business to that of a more established company that has been doing this for either 10+ years, is solely focused on Tabletop gaming, and we’re expected to do everything our predecessors has done, but also build on top of that. We’re coming at this from a media angle where we are looking at how to create derivative works from all our properties we are not looking at just the gaming aspect. I.E. With Dungeon Dice I am one of the creators and writers of the Animation Pitch and Comic Book story world for Dungeon Dice that will be a big part of things years down the line as we complete the game. One of the things I personally do is strategize with each of our properties that garner some level of success and recognition to develop a media branding strategy that includes creating Stuffed Animals, Comic Books, Animation Pitch Bibles, amongst other things.


As someone who got into this as a Creator (specifically having a background in Writing, Directing, and Producing), I am heavily involved with many creative projects that we are working on. Dungeon Dice, is one of the projects that I am actively involved in world building and am responsible for some of the base mechanics and overall functionalities of the solo modes and co-op modes for Dungeon Dice. I am also one of the writers, along with my Co-Writer and Co-Founder of Golden Bell Studios, Robert Gross whom many of you have met, on Epic Dice Tower Defense. (Story Attached along with Story Art from Rachel Korsen, the other Founder of Golden Bell Studios).


Now, while some of you may not love each and every one of our other products, our company is aiming to create content for every target age group and demographic, that has been one of the things we’ve set out to do for years since we started this a few years ago back in College at The Ohio State University. We want to be able to grow as a brand and be able to compete not just with the likes of fellow tabletop gaming companies, but are positioning ourselves to compete with the Media giants of the world that have crafted an Oligopoly of content and hogged shelf space at most retail stores for decades. The reason this is important to understand is because we want this game to come out as much as you do! We want to be able to sell this product and continually generate revenue as Kickstarter only accounts for less than 10% of our business so it is a tiny market share for us to continue growing.

Additionally, I’ve seen complaints that we talk about our other projects, promote them even in updates, I’ve seen many Kickstarters explain this to backers so I see no reason not to as well…if a Company, one such as ourselves, stopped producing content and just released one Kickstarter game at a time and waited for its fulfillment we’d go out of business. Then there would be no game delivered ever. However, that of course isn’t the case since we have a steady stream of content lined up for over 5 years. The reason some creators do release one game at a time and wait till they launch their current past due Kickstarter is because product creation is a Hobby for 99% of people on Kickstarter, it is not their full time job or their business and livelihood. This is why no one has anything to worry about, each product is independently managed by both accounts and creatives here. No money is ever used for a project to either develop, market, create, etc. until the profits are determined, fulfillment is planned, or until labels are allocated after production costs are accounted for.


With Dungeon Dice specifically, we’ve had a lot of questions about the finances and I’d be happy to share the specifics of the project as it is a loss leader in its current state. Dungeon Dice raised roughly $250,000. Due to Sam’s illness and other extremely personal issues (that are private matters at this current moment) that I will not be getting into as it is not my place to disclose, we had to pay roughly half of that money in Corporate Taxes due to the calendar year lapsing prior to us being able to produce the project. The shipping of this game alone is going to cost roughly $30,000 as each 12x12x3” package can cost anywhere between $10-25 (not including International shipping rates), and it’s heavy! The reprints for the dice will cost well over $50,000 and the molding costs as Sam has mentioned before will cost tens of thousands of dollars. The project by the end will have just enough money to get made but that is not a problem as since Potluck Games is now a subsidiary of Golden Games there is no concern from a financial standpoint as Golden Bell will be covering any overage charges that could pop up that are going to be minuscule in the grand scheme of things. It is a crucial part of business to understand that the huge tax burden we had to take a hit on was not something we were thrilled about as a company, but it is a reality of business and not something we can control as we are not going to evade taxes. Thus, when things like this happen every dollar that we are spending now counts because we don’t just have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting around in our piggy banks.


We have been repeatedly asked for refunds, and this is something that we most certainly can not offer. While in other projects we do offer a return or refund policy due to the strict timelines we force all our creators, as well as internal targets we aim to hit on everything. This one, is just fiscally impossible due to what I mentioned above. If we offered refunds there would be a great concern of our ability to be able to deliver a final product of quality or one at all.


The big delay on the factory has also now been resolved as everything else in this email. The only real debilitating set back still is unfortunately Sam not being up to full capacity, which we hope he will only improve but with his disease it won’t be like he’s going to turn into a spring chicken anytime soon. He's going to be trying to see more doctors soon. Since this project started, one of our advisors has visited China three times. The first time was because there was a trading company that Sam had used for each of the previous Dungeon Dice projects, due to concerns of disparaging this other company I will leave them unnamed. This company had signed a contract with the Chinese Factory that this factory owns the molds. Due to this trading company having had a prior relationship with the Chinese Factory (producing millions of dice with them a year), they were not willing to work with Sam or us directly. With the threat of legal action and us showing up at their factory, this all changed quite quickly. Now while the molds are not in our possession, this factory is working with us. We are their smallest customer as they only work with A) trading companies and B) massive companies such as Hasbro, whom they make the dice for monopoly for.

The second was to discuss production, pick up the samples for EDTD Dice and current Dungeon Dice Dice to make sure that the molds wouldn’t need a “maintenance fee” which occurs every three years at a dice factory to make sure the molds are still usable and have not incurred any time of degradation of the molds.

The most recent was a factory tour and to discuss plans in the showroom. I will attach some screenshots here to show how communication with the factory has been more than difficult. We have often messaged over a dozen times before we finally got ONE response that was just a few words (more on these in the screenshots below).This is very typical when dealing directly with a factory where we know we are a low priority. While to backers it may seem this should be a priority, the reality that to a factory this project is simply not important, however having said that it will still get done as the deposit was paid.

The most recent string of emails have yielded in the final sample for Epic Dice Tower Defense being shown over the course of a several weeks (we had many corrections on things like the Custom Tray), and it is now in transit to us from China. (UPDATE since writing this: The Samples have Arrived for EDTD and we’ll be posting a LIVE video unboxing in the coming weeks after Keystone!)

To our great surprise, the reason the factory stopped responding is because the sub-contracted factory for the paper products for Epic Dice had gone out of business. While this may seem unusual, it is actually quite common. Luckily all the parties have insurance (including us) so there is no problem now. However, this was a prolonged issue that took months to resolve as the insurance checks had to be received by our factory for all the money they spent with the closed down paper factory. We had been waiting to post this update until we got the sample in hand and now that we have it we’ll just do a LIVE video update shortly.

You’ll see in this picture that only 3 responses were yielded from the factory out of 30 emails sent to them. This email was received in August.

 This email was received on August 8 but will not be able to show the factory name out of respect for them not receiving disparagement on the internet or a flood of emails from angry backers which is my responsibility as their vendor to protect all of our sources.


On the brighter front check out all these beauties!!! These are all for Epic Dice Tower Defense as that is the project that Sam had to fulfill first. We have agreed to allow that to go through first and to meet his needs on this. It is important to understand here that Potluck and Golden Bell are still two separate entites. Even though we work closely together through our respective subsidiaries, we are not the ones that would be traditionally responsible for communication, final game design, art, etc. There are going to be exceptions that we make and that is on a case by case basis which I’ll get into soon. As creators ourselves, we have to balance projects, and at Golden Bell we have literally hundreds of projects that are simultaneously being run, and it isn’t reasonable or fair to our other partners that Dungeon Dice would get all our attention as we do not have the staffing or financial excess cash flow to bring on enough talented designers to complete Dungeon Dice against Sam’s will, this is his baby and we respect that entirely.

These are all for Epic Dice Tower Defense as that is the project that Sam had to fulfill first. We have agreed to allow that to go through first and to meet his needs on this.


Speaking of quality just a bit ago, I am also going to address any quality concerns I’ve read in the comments (yes, I’ve now read through all the comments); the quality of the dice is going to be exactly the same as before. They are being produced at the same factory, with the same molds, with the same materials, so this shouldn’t be a concern on anyones mind. We wouldn’t be going to another factory to spend another $100,000+ on molds or making screen printed dice which isn’t something that all you backers have paid for so that should not be a concern.


As our Company continues to expand, as every new start-up has, we’ve experienced Growing Pains, Staffing Changes, and a whole slew of other things that have been negatively associated with us. While some claim that we have a bad reputation, that is entirely one sided. I could point to the dozens of awards we’ve won, the tens of thousands of products we’ve sold to happy families and consumers, but it seems that some people have been focusing on a thread here or there. We are extremely transparent in how we manage, create, and acquire content. We are a media company first, not a gaming company over anything else. We have developed some of the best new content on the market, are working with AAA Fortune 500 Companies on some of the biggest most beloved brands, and have interacted with thousands of consumers around the world at conventions. Now, having said that I am glad to address any other concerns I’ve seen crop up in the comments, but I can say with confidence all of the “bad rep” comments associated with us are untrue and have been addressed one way or another either in interviews, kickstarter comments, or on facebook. A big part of it comes down to we’ve been burned in the past just as many of you have been, we’ve been lied to, stolen from, cheated, and so many other nearly unbelievable things. Again I say this not to get any pity, we’re fine we have Insurance, but the big reason to understand this is that we’re on the consumers side, we’re not against anyone here, we just want to make great products that people will love and build a brand that consumers will adore for generations to come. Our goal is very big picture, we are not looking at the short term profits of each quarter, we want to build something great, and with everyone’s help and input we think we’re starting to create something truly unique and quite special that so many people have started to fall in love with already. One thing I always say as I deal with a lot of PR and have dealt with much larger publicly traded companies in the past, is that there are two sides to every story. There is one project in particular we had Partnered with where once the Kickstarter was completed, the money was stolen as the creator is in a different country. This has been a lesson that we then learned from that all funds would always be wired directly to us as we are not able to make a product without funds. Another problem that we saw persist is that we had partnered with some creators projects (prior to our involvement) and there was some unrealistic expectation that their Kickstarter funds entirely would be used as an advance which was counter to what was in our contract as no company in the world, even the largest Tabletop Gaming Companies, would allow a Creator to keep 100% of the funds and not cover the production costs for their backers. An additional issue that cropped up was that we had simply been lied to, we’ve saved projects sometimes ones that are years old and were told that they had all the funds needed and would pay in increments, as we produced the goods and had them shipped stateside, the money for shipping was no longer able to paid so we’ve had to hold on to the units until we figure out what to do. Someone once accused of these types of units being held hostage, it isn’t hostage if the units could be taken and sold to new people on an e-commerce platform like Amazon which has happened with Kickstarter projects like the Coolest Cooler. This is our only way to ensure the backers get what was paid for and we aren’t held to blame for another lie. A fourth yet crazier problem is that we’ve worked with people in the past that didn’t know editorial exists. Where we get feedback from Distributors or Retailers, and even customers VIA Print and Plays and advanced access or at conventions and we listen to everyone and make those changes; a lot of creators are sometimes unwilling, unable, or don’t have the time to make those changes. Thus, a lot of the slack we’ve had to pick up and since we’re a team of just a handful of people our time sometimes gets spread too thin. Luckily, all these loose ends and projects are being wrapped up by the end of the year so that is a big weight off all our shoulders. We can not release a rulebook for example in English that was written by someone from Italy that every other word is grammatically incorrect making it essentially unreadable and would get thrashed on Board Game Geek.


Some successes we’ve had where quality products have been successfully delivered are Pretending to Grownup (over 7,000 backers), Napoleon 1806, Venture Party, Strawberry Ninja, Marshfellows, Lil Bunny Sue Roux (Cards, Photo Art Book, Plush, and Calendar), Movie Buff (Base Game, expansions are yet to be completed due to the Graphic Designer passing away and a whole mix of thing that won’t be mentioned at this time), The Adventures of Jam and Jelly, It’s an Extra Spooky Heebie-Jeebie Creepy Halloween, Jason and the Crawdad King, In a World of Dinosaurs (which is currently in our warehouse awaiting shipment), The Love of a Bingle Lancer, and of course our first project which will always be in active development and releasing issue after issue is The Sunday Comics. Projects that are on the boat currently range from Claire Lost Her Bear at the World’s Fair, Benny Bear Plush, and then in a couple weeks Urban Tribes will be shipping. After that we have Peasant Buffet, Killbots, Gamboni, Plank and Rank, Outlast, Wargi Plush, Be a Turtle, and a few others in the queue as those production files are wrapping up and all quotes are being finalized. Sometimes with delays, quotes also change every 14 days so that can sometimes cause a delay at ever increasing prices due to a looming trade war between the U.S. and China. As we’ve looked at our successes, hurdles, and any prolonged issues we’ve adapted our business model to attempt to have our projects fully completed prior to launch; we undergo editorial, development, and build projects fully outright (bringing them to conventions, pre-marketing, making stretch goals in advance even if we don’t hit those goals, etc.) prior to launch to have a much more streamlined way of operating Golden Bell Studios and all of it’s Subsidiaries that I’ve mentioned.

Our First Collaborative Project Together Under Golden Bell!
Our First Collaborative Project Together Under Golden Bell!
Rachel's first children's book, the first product even prior to GB, in memory of our mentor and great friend, Paul Gullen.
Rachel's first children's book, the first product even prior to GB, in memory of our mentor and great friend, Paul Gullen.


Since all of this, we have shifted away from working with projects that have been started prior to Golden Bell’s involvement in order to ensure the highest quality and the speediest delivery time. As we’ve grown we’ve now decided to shift from solely original Intellectual Property to working on a ton of Licensed works from AAA Major Studios. This has been questioned by some backers which I found always quite strange and has made me believe that many people haven’t visited our social media outlets, or seen pictures of us at trade shows. We are actively working with over a dozen licenses, some of which are announced (others will be announced at Keystone Comic Con at our largest booth space yet, a 20x20!). The ones that we’ve been formally allowed to talk about are LOST, Once Upon a Time, Avatar The Last Airbender, and Garfield. Others are in the works and will be announced soon.


A reason I’ve been asked by several backers to bring this up is so that everyone else further understands our business, our reach, and the scope of what we’re doing here. We are not just publishing games, we are building a media empire for a new generation that we hope everyone will choose to be a part of as we all grow together. We actively look at the markets and what people want not just from a top down marketing funnel but also from a bottom up guerrilla marketing tactics standpoint. Another reason I was told to discuss this was to show that we must clearly have some legitimacy if we have been vetted by Fortune 500 companies who’ve entrusted us to work on their legacy properties. All I ask is that you do the same in looking at things outside the box and seeing that yes while we’re doing things quite unconventionally and are operating very differently than what you may all be used to, we are doing something what we believe to be very special and something that we want everyone to be involved with. In light of a lot of this, I would like to offer everyone here advanced Beta Access to any properties that you may find of interest and we can have you involved as Playtesters of potentially new Original IP or Licensed Properties you have been big fans of for your whole lives!


Speaking of Animation, in the next year or two we will be releasing the first 2D Hand Drawn Animated Short Film in a specific style that hasn’t been made in over a decade. As one of the Directors, Rachel being the other one, we’ve spent over two years working on this with a team of about 50 Animators, In-Betweeners, Background Artists, Painters, Layout Artists, Cleanup Artists, and more. This is a project that instead of having launched it on Kickstarter we have waited years on making a final complete project so that everyone can see it and it would be fulfilled flawlessly. This is the case with most of our original properties that are managed in house by our internal team.

We are also working on a multi pronged approach for our New York Times Best Selling Book Series, Stone Rabbit! We will be developing new books, games, animation, plush, and a whole slew of other products to revive one of the biggest classic cult hits of the 2000s all under Golden Bell Studios and its subsidiaries. Very exciting stuff here :) 


Nearly rounding everything out, lets discuss Dungeon Dice development. Since Sam’s illness we have been looking for the right team to work on the Solo and Co-Op modes for Dungeon Dice. I will again explain what each modes concept is that I had created and how I can see development continuing. For solo, you are playing as The Lost King as you spiral downwards to become the Lich you know today, you are battling monsters as you attempt to reach your final resting place in the cave we’ve hinted at. The Co-Op has taken heavy inspiration from the Final Fantasy MMO where you will be able to join guilds, go on quests, adventure solo or by yourself, experience campaigns, and so much more. Another mode that Rob had created was a Colosseum brawl where you are fighting monsters wave one after the other with bigger and scarier monsters coming into play as you fight to become the champion of the Colosseum!

The first game we’ve brought on to Golden Bell happens to be a large scale Role Playing Game that we’ve developed a Bestiary, Players Manual, a 200,000+ word Novel for, and a lot more; this creator will be assisting in some of Dungeon Dice as his schedule will allow in the coming months. Another Game Designer who’s become one of our in house game designers, Alex, will also be assisting in the development of Dungeon Dice’s new mode as well as finalizing some of the design. I will acknowledge that the two largest problems with Dungeon Dice were these additional stretch goals. We had thought developing these modes would be much simpler than they actually are, and in hindsight they should have been their own campaigns that weren’t tied to The Lost King as they are truly two entirely new games, both of which are actively much larger than The Lost King itself. Some have asked for the rules to be PDFs, that at this current time is just impossible as there will be people at a retail store or on other e-commerce platforms that will buy the game and say, “hey, where’s the rules?” This is one of the many reasons for that being impossible for us to do as a company due to the economics of scales of production ordering and minimum orders we must meet in order to even produce at a factory such as this one. All that being said, we are definitely going to be in need of a core group of play testers that will aid us in perfecting the ruleset for both new modes, as well as early testers of The Lost King expansion. We want to make sure this game is perfect when its released and has no flaws or hiccups like we’ve seen complained about the Rulebook in the past.


This is something that I have our whole team on, I have seen literally thousands of comments (many of which are conflicting) from backer. We have shown it to distributors, retailers, professional editors, hobbyists, fellow game designers, and we feel that by the end of the day we will have a very clean rulebook. I am opening up the floor for a final round of comments on the Rulebook (which is something that many have requested to be a part of), and all these comments can be emailed to me or posted on this comment thread to spur some great positive discussion and creative collaboration. While, I am not promising that every edit will be used, I can assure you that they will all be read. It will be impossible to please everyone, but I am attempting to craft a rulebook that will show not only a comprehensive style guide that was promised, but also one that is much more toned down for the casual gamer, as well as a quick start guide for easy access and quick play that has been requested by many people part of the main stream market.


After speaking with Sam, we are not prepared at this time to definitely announce a concrete timeline relating to Dungeon Dice. However, with Epic Dice Tower Defense now nearing production, that should be entering mass manufacturing within the next 6-8 weeks after Sam approves the final sample that we ship to him. Dungeon Dice’s progress will surely speed up once that’s been taken care of. We will be doing our best to motivate Sam without being too overbearing because at a certain point he is going to have to still live his life and make sure he can live and survive as this isn’t generating him any income at this stage. Our publishing division, ideally would want to release a base version of the game to generate income but we have been holding back on producing anything prior to everyones approval and you get your games in hand!

We figured that there would be one more big things to announce here:

Bringing everything full circle, we wanted to announce without further adu (or however you spell that word we all use) as Donn Hardy. Since we’re not always able to spend as much time in the comments as we would like to, we’ve chosen Donn to officially represent us in the Kickstarter comments for both Dungeon Dice and Epic Dice Tower Defense. Donn has always been an intimate supporter of Potluck and has become a good friend the past 18 months since we first met up together in Northern Ohio. Since then, Donn has stayed with us at our house during Origins Game Fair, has been someone that we can bounce questions on back and forth, and is someone we attempt to frequently text and respond to all his when we get them. While we can’t open our direct lines to everyone as we would then never get anything done I hope this is a good alternative that can be seen as a great olive branch. I know some people think that an update takes an hour, a few minutes, or just a day, but something like this to gather all this information and for a company such as ourself to be able to use so many big names and make sure all information we presented is correct and accurate before we present it is very important to us and has taken quite a long time to make sure it’s as perfect as can be. Donn will be acting as an official communicator for the Potluck projects and he will be able to address more of your day to day questions while we will attempt to make updates every 4-8 weeks depending on the progress being made.


There may be some periods that things are slow so we are warning you now that sometimes things may not develop as quick as we’d all like (us included) but it is something that everyone must understand is a reality. It is quite unfortunate that Sam had progressively gotten sicker and has had other issues crop up in his life that have prevented him from fully allocating his time towards Dungeon Dice but they are all things that we fully stand behind one of our flagship partners with. It must be fully disclosed that Sam has a lot of the creative liberty, final editorial, and such on the game as this is his baby. We came into it years after it was created, and while Sam and I have plans on working on many things in the future, our priority is going to be Dungeon Dice. Sometimes we will only be able to move as fast as Sam can, and there are days where he has a lot of trouble concetrating. Thus, please be patient with us in this, I am personally promising that Dungeon Dice will get delivered, the final product will be one of your favorite games, and going forward for the next Potluck campaigns we will make sure to have a much more streamlined approach and guarantee we won’t have any other development post campaign for this project going forward. Thank you again to each and every one of you whom has been so supportive of Sam and of Golden Bell, you have no idea how much I appreciate that. Till next time dice rollers. If anyone needs anything in the interim please don’t hesitate to message me at potluck@DungeonDiceGames.com if you’d like to schedule a phone call to go over any specifics I will try to make the time but I can’t promise to yield 2,000 calls :)

Best Regards, 
Marc Goldner
Golden Bell Studios
Founder & C.E.O.

Monthly Update
10 months ago – Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 02:42:07 AM

This is Sam.  Golden bell and I have committed to start monthly updates, even if there isn't a lot to share.

We've fallen further behind from our estimate.  We're not giving an updated estimate right now.

We are waiting for our contact at the factory to give us samples, and it has been about a month since we have heard from him.  This is the factory that controls all of our molds made so far, so we don't reasonably have the option to use another factory.  

We do have most of Lost King finished, but we need to coordinate everything to be finished at the same time due to the size of the production.  

Here is what's new:

Dice Changes

For the monk's staff (dual artifact) we're testing a change to tiger claws.  For the magic hand armor, we're testing a change to magic armor.

Basically, the staff was not working ideally when attached to the bare-handed weapon.  However, it makes sense combined with Armor.  It's possible to stick to the original.  But I'm playtesting this change, and I believe it will function better.

Updated Boss Art

 All boss monsters have been updated to have a different look from regular monsters.    The leviathan already had shaded areas and did not require a change.

Rat Packmaster

This is the only boss monster that we haven't shared yet.  You're welcome to give feedback on his name.  "Rat King" just makes me think of ninja turtles.  I prefer "Packmaster".  But that reminds me of boy scouts...

If you've got a better name or want to vote, share your opinions in the comments below.  

Never Enough Live Puppet Shows!
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 27, 2018 at 06:33:49 PM

Hey all you rollers!

While today we don't have a big Dungeon Dice update, we wanted to let everyone know a few things. We will be at PAX East, Anime Boston, and C2E2, so if anyone would like to come drop by and hang out with us come on over! We'll be at the Golden Bell Studios booth and will be doing playtests of Dungeon Dice throughout the whole weekend! If there's time we may even be up for going out to party (ahem: roll 'em) after the shows!

In other news, we know everyone always loves the cheeky puppet shows that Sam does. Well, today we'd like to introduce you to another awesome project that we hope you'll enjoy as much as the world of Dungeon Dice; we present to you...PEASANT BUFFET!

Now Live on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2083771375/peasant-buffet?ref=98cclx